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Sultan Al Jaber A Bold and Realistic Energy Transition 
While renewables accounted for over 80% of all new power generating capacity in 2021, they comprise only 4% of today’s energy mix...more
Najib Saab Environment Criminal Court 
Should demanding the establishment of an Environmental Criminal Court be considered a step too far, then it might be necessary to review this stance ...more
Najib Saab Wildfires and Conspiracy Theories 
Some extreme skeptics of environmental devastation and climate change have developed a hobby of seizing opportunities to interpret reports and events to suit their own distorted illusions...more
Najib Saab Climate Driven by War 
The war in Ukraine revealed the sensitivity of climate agreements to wars and major geopolitical developments...more
Inger Andersen The UN General Assembly must back the right to a healthy environment 
So many of the human rights we take for granted today once did not exist...more
Najib Saab Compromises Make Agreements 
As in politics and economics, so in environment and climate; it is compromises that allow for reaching major agreements...more
Antonio Guterres The World is Burning. We Need a Renewables Revolution 
Nero was famously accused of fiddling while Rome burned. Today, some leaders are doing worse...more
Najib Saab Desertification cannot wait for climate 
The fifteenth session of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), which was held in Abidjan...more
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Arab Environment 9: Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate
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