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Najib Saab The Arab Fund... for Environment and Climate 
The conference on Climate Action, hosted in Kuwait by the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (AFESD), was a milestone in Arab ...more
David Malpass Impactful climate mitigation requires standards, verification and standardization 
Climate costs and development together need vast new resources. For developing countries, the needs are particularly large ...more
Najib Saab Neither the End of Pandemics nor the Last of Wars 
The world has faced massive crises in the last few years, starting with the Corona pandemic...more
Najib Saab Collaboration in the Shadow of Conflicts 
The need for Arab cooperation in times of war and peace was behind the establishment of the League of Arab States in 1945...more
Najib Saab Changing Lifestyle to Preserve Life 
The solution to addressing the problem of depletion and exhausting natural resources has traditionally been to search for new resources...more
Najib Saab E-Fuels for German Racing Highways 
The German car industry succeeded in amending the European Union's plan to ban the sale of cars running on internal combustion engines by 2035...more
Najib Saab A Ministry is not an NGO 
An environment minister once told me: We are the Ministry of Environment, so we don't deal in politics...more
Najib Saab Climate and the Culture of Fear 
The report issued a few days ago by the international scientific body advising the United Nations on climate change brought nothing new...more
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Arab Environment 9: Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate
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