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November-December 2018
248-249 1/11/2018
November-December 2018 Financing development based on human dignity Najib Saab, issue 248-249, November 2018 Over the past 10 years, the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) reports have identified the state of Arab environment in all its aspects and proposed solutions that have contributed to endorsing numerous environmental policies in the region. ...more
October 2018
247 2/10/2018
October 2018 Arab banks discussing financing sustainable development goals in a regional meeting is in itself a major accomplishment; endorsing green banking is, nonetheless, an unprecedented achievement. The tone ushers a new direction not appreciated before. Simply put, the Arab banking sector is starting to realize that it cannot cater for changing development goals without adopting new vision and innovative approach. ...more
September 2018
246 3/9/2018
September 2018 In 2000, the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri invited me to introduce environmental dimensions into his parliamentary elections platform, while the economic and social aspects were assigned to Bassel Fleihan. Upon being appointed Prime Minister following his election victory, Hariri included this environmental program in the cabinet statement, which was consequently approved by parliament in the autumn of that year. This was the first time that a bold and clear environmental policy was introduced into a government program in Lebanon. Implementation was hampered by political disputes. Read the Arabic editorial here: http://afedmag.com/web/ala3dadAlSabiaSections.aspx?issue=212&type=1 ...more
July-August 2018
244 5/7/2018
July-August 2018 Read the Arabic editorial here: http://afedmag.com/web/ala3dadAlSabia-details.aspx?current=1&id=211&show=2 ...more
June 2018
243 4/6/2018
June 2018 ...more
May 2018
242 2/5/2018
May 2018 The Alternative Investment Najib Saab May 2018 According to a report recently released by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Frankfurt School of Finance and Bloomberg, the sun has become the most attractive source for new investments in global energy production. Investments in solar energy reached $161 billion last year, producing 98 gigawatts of electricity. This goes far beyond any other source, including coal, gas, oil and nuclear power. It is also worth noting that most of the increase occurred in China, which alone exceeded half the investments in new energy. ...more
April 2018
241 29/3/2018
April 2018 Listening to the Minister of Environment and Water of Singapore Masagos Zulkifli talking about the work of his ministry, I was sadly reminded of the hollow speeches by some Arab ministers of environment. ...more
March 2018
240 1/3/2018
March 2018 Financing Development by Fighting Corruption ...more
February 2018
239 2/2/2018
February 2018 Read the Arabic Editorial here ...more
January 2018
238 4/1/2018
January 2018 Arab old guard must wake up to sustainability drive Listening to some Arab delegates at international conferences, you would think they came from an alien planet. Their views not only contradict the international consensus, but are also inconsistent with the very policies of their own countries. In all likelihood, they haven’t been able yet to grasp the swift changes in the region toward diversification, openness and true sustainability. Arabic Editorial available at: http://afedmag.com/web/mountada-albia-details.aspx?id=488 ...more
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