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Najib Saab
Climate Change: Bittersweet Choices
Najib Saab
Those who were under the illusion that the transition to a green economy and cleaner production would be a simple matter
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China’s Artificial Sun Just Broke a Record for Longest Sustained Nuclear Fusion 24/1/2022
Superheated plasma reached 126 million degrees Fahrenheit for 17 minutes ...more
Petra and Climate Change… How to safeguard the "Lost City"? 21/1/2022
Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which has welcomed 1,135,300 visitors in 2019, is prone to witness more hydrological hazards, including flash floods, landslides, and earthquakes, due to climate change, urban expansion at the site’s neighboring areas, and its geological location near the Jordan rift valley. ...more
Germany presents G7 leadership agenda with focus on climate 24/1/2022
Germany on Friday laid out its programme for its presidency of the Group of Seven (G7) this year, focusing on climate protection, international justice and post-pandemic economic recovery. ...more
EU countries trying to find landing zone on green finance rules, French minister says 24/1/2022
European Union countries are trying to find an agreement on divisive rules concerning whether gas and nuclear energy should be labelled as green investments, France's environment minister said on Friday. ...more
Biodiversity talks in China's Kunming in April may be affected by COVID 24/1/2022
The schedule of the second phase of the COP15 global biodiversity talks in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming in April is "likely to be affected" by new COVID-19 risks, environment ministry spokesman Liu Youbin said on Monday. ...more
U.S. airs concerns over Mexico energy plan, points to economic risk 24/1/2022
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Friday flagged concerns about Mexico's plan to tighten state control of the electricity market, saying it could impede investment and economic development in North America. ...more
F1 bans pre-race military flypasts but Red Arrows are OK 24/1/2022
Formula One will ban pre-race flypasts by military aircraft this season but Britain's Red Arrows display team will be exempt along with passenger jets using sustainable fuels. ...more
World's first hydrogen tanker to ship test cargo to Japan from Australia 21/1/2022
A Japanese-Australian venture producing hydrogen from brown coal is set to start loading its maiden cargo on the world's first liquid hydrogen carrier on Friday, in a test delayed by nearly a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. ...more
Lead EU lawmaker wants airlines to pay for their CO2 emissions sooner 21/1/2022
Airlines should pay for all of their CO2 emissions in Europe from 2026, a year earlier than initially planned by the EU, according to an early draft of the European Parliament's position on the policy. ...more
Nordic wind power output hits record high 21/1/2022
Wind power production in the Nordic countries hit a record high of 21.3 gigawatts (GW) on Thursday amid stormy weather in the region, Refinitiv Eikon data showed. ...more
Global energy transition to cause short-term economic pain -report 21/1/2022
Indonesia aims to get mangrove restoration back on track in 2022 21/1/2022
Indonesia aims to restore 150,000 hectares of degraded mangroves this year, after rehabilitating about a quarter of this total last year when funds had to be diverted from the state budget to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, officials said. ...more
Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi and ENGIE complete Phase II of the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project 20/1/2022
The Environment Agency–Abu Dhabi (EAD) and ENGIE, the global energy company, announced the success of the second phase of the "Blue Carbon" Environmental and Social Responsibility project, in partnership with Distant Imagery. Using highly innovative drone planting technology, more than 35,000 mangrove seeds were planted in the Mirfa lagoon in Abu Dhabi. ...more
Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists 20/1/2022
The cocktail of chemical pollution that pervades the planet now threatens the stability of global ecosystems upon which humanity depends, scientists have said. ...more
A68: 'Megaberg' dumped huge volume of fresh water 20/1/2022
The monster iceberg A68 was dumping more than 1.5 billion tonnes of fresh water into the ocean every single day at the height of its melting. ...more
Pristine coral reef unblemished by warming oceans found off Tahiti 20/1/2022
Scientists have discovered a pristine, 3-km (1.8-mile) long reef of giant rose-shaped corals off the coast of Tahiti, in waters thought to be deep enough to protect it from the bleaching effects of the warming ocean. ...more
GM targets hydrogen-powered generators in expansion of fuel cell business 20/1/2022
General Motors on Wednesday said it plans to expand its hydrogen fuel cell business beyond vehicles by supplying hydrogen-powered generators for uses including at construction sites, music festivals, data centers and the military. ...more
Scientists target PR and ad firms they accuse of spreading disinformation 19/1/2022
More than 450 scientists on Wednesday called on the executives of major advertising and public relations firms to drop their fossil fuel clients and stop what the scientists said was their spread of disinformation around climate change. ...more
Climate change will limit choice for Winter Games hosts, says study 19/1/2022
Of the 21 cities to host the Winter Olympics, only Sapporo, Japan would be able to provide fair and safe conditions to stage them again by the end of the century if greenhouse gases are not dramatically reduced, said a University of Waterloo study released on Tuesday. ...more
Biden administration unveils plan to combat worsening US wildfires 19/1/2022
The Biden administration on Tuesday unveiled a 10-year plan to treat and maintain millions of additional acres of forests in the western United States to reduce the severity of seasonal wildfires. ...more
Exxon vows to have net-zero carbon emissions from operations by 2050 19/1/2022
Exxon Mobil Corp on Tuesday pledged to cut to zero its net carbon emissions from its global operations by 2050, a step in the direction of rivals minimizing their carbon footprints. ...more
Coal production in China reached record high in 2021 19/1/2022
Despite global cries for an end to fossil fuel use, China’s coal production reached record levels last year. The government encouraged miners to ramp up production, working at maximum capacity to increase China’s economic growth. ...more
Jubail Island Plans to Plant 1 Million Mangrove Trees Over the Next Decade 18/1/2022
In solidarity with the UAE government and Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency, Jubail Island Investment Company announced yesterday it will support the UAE’s efforts to expand mangrove forest cover in the Emirate by planting one million mangrove trees on the island within the next 10 years. ...more
EU advisers concerned about plan for green labels on gas, nuclear investments 18/1/2022
Experts advising on the European Union's sustainable finance taxonomy are concerned a draft plan to include gas and nuclear relies too heavily on promises to make those fuels green in future, rather than assessing their real impact today. ...more
China car sector falling short of 'net zero' goals - Greenpeace 18/1/2022
China's massive car sector is on track to bring its climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions to a peak by 2027 but on current trends it is unlikely to meet the country's 2060 "net zero" target, environment group Greenpeace said on Tuesday. ...more
Ozone harms East Asian crops, costing $63 bln a year, scientists say 18/1/2022
Fossil fuel emissions aren’t just driving climate change and worsening air quality, they’re also hurting crop yields enough to cause some $63 billion in annual losses in East Asia, scientists say. ...more
Plastic crisis needs binding treaty, report says 18/1/2022
Pollution from plastics is a global emergency in need of a robust UN treaty, according to a report. ...more
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