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Arab Environment 13: Health and the Environment
  Health and the Environment in Arab Countries, is the 13th in AFED's series of reports on The State of Arab Environment launched in 2008. This years report gains special significance at a time when the entire world is facing the catastrophic effects of COVID-19, which is largely due to environmental causes. The report discusses the main environmen ... ... more
Arab Environment 12: Environmental Education
  Environmental Education is the twelfth in AFED annual series reports on the state of Arab environment, and it provides the first comprehensive overview on environmental education in the Arab countries. Report can be downloadedhere. ... more
Arab Environment 11: Financing Sustainable Development
  Financing Sustainable Development is the 11th annual report in AFED series on the state of Arab environment will be released during the conference. It identifies funding needs, gaps and challenges, and offers the best options and mechanisms to attract and use funding effectively and efficiently. The report focuses on the sources of funding availa ... ... more
Arab Environment 10: Arab Environment in 10 Years
  Arab Environment in 10 Years is the tenth in AFED series on the State of Arab Environment. The report tracks changes in environment over the last decade, using AFEDs 2008 report as a baseline for comparison. The changes in environmental governance and policies are highlighted, with special emphasis on water, energy, food, air quality, environment ... ... more
Arab Environment 9: Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate
  This AFED report on Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate recommends an alternative approach, based on integrating sustainable development principles within the anticipated rebuilding efforts. It calls upon local, regional, and international aid organizations not to limit their efforts to providing safety and basic necessities to tho ... ... more
Arab Environment 8: Sustainable Consumption
  Annual reports on the state of the Arab environment, produced since 2008 by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), have become a main source of information and a prime driver for policy reforms in Arab countries. Findings of the seven reports produced so far have clearly underscored the pivotal role of sustainable consumption patt ... ... more
Arab Environment 7: Food Security
  Food Security is the seventh in the series of annual reports on the state of Arab environment, produced by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED). The report highlights the need for more efficient management of the agriculture and water sectors, in view of enhancing the prospects of food security. This report comes after Arab Env ... ... more
Water Efficiency Handbook
  Water in the Arab world is a precious and limited resource. The well-being of the regions populations and their prosperity are linked tightly to water availability and quality. In a region known for its arid climate and sparse rainfall, prudent water use is everyones business. There are a number of strategies to achieve water security in a sustai ... ... more
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Arab Environment 9: Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate
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